We take care of your numbers, so you can focus on your core mission.

Bookkeeping Accounting Payroll Tax CFO Services Exclusively for Nonprofit and Charities

Get clarity on your numbers and make better decisions

Free up time for mission-critical work

Glide through your next board meeting with confidence

Report what's important to your key stakeholders

Get timely reports to secure your funding initiatives

Here is how Zivo can help your organization as your outsourced Nonprofit CFO & Finance team

Outsource repetitive non-strategic accounting, finance, and tax tasks to focus on your mission-critical work and dedicate your time where it is needed most.

When you work with Zivo, we bring in a full team of accounting professionals as your online finance team. That means, no more struggling with employee turn-over, as we always guarantee the work to be done, and results delivered.  

At a fraction of the time & cost of hiring and on-boarding a comparable in-house staff, access professional accountants and a full finance team with decades of experience in the nonprofit sector: bookkeeper, accounting manager, a CPA, and a CFO 

As the nonprofit sector moves towards the future, cloud-based accounting and technology will be more prevalent. Be the leader of the pack by integrating now secure and efficient cloud accounting to power your remote work environments. We deliver the expected results, using industry best practices in accounting & finance, reducing by that very fact the risk of fraud. 

No longer worry about compliance and deadlines. Compliance entails endless paperwork and maximum attention. Thorough annual reports, financial statements, Forms T3010 and T1044 in Canada, and Form 990 in the U.S, NPO Information Report, and many other documents quickly become nightmares for many nonprofit organization leaders. An experienced eye will glide through the process of filling in compliance paperwork and ensure the correctness of each letter and number. 

Provide accurate and timely financial information required by funders to attract more funding and resources.  

Nonprofits and charities are highly responsible for how they employ their funds and grants. The funding a nonprofit organization receives is not only used to accomplish the mission, but it is the primary support of the back-office operations. A nonprofit organization requires a director of finance or chief financial officer (CFO) who knows how to strategically and appropriately allocate financial resources, stay on top of cash flow, and always be in a state of audit-readiness. Your Zivo CFO delivers that. 

The funds that enter a nonprofit are expected to be used in activities that advance toward the shared goal. Transparent communication of finances reassures board members, funders, and key stakeholders that funds properly used, and the mission is sustainable. As such, comprehensive financial reports, on-time financial insights and clear presentations become the best vehicles for impressing the Board, funders, and stakeholders, therefore increasing the trustworthiness of your nonprofit organization. 

What are your needs? We have a service plan that will fit...

We offer bundled plans and customized service proposals to help with your nonprofit or charity's needs. 

It all starts with a conversation, and you will always know what you are paying and what you are getting upfront. 

Reduce your costs with a fixed monthly plan. No bad surprises.

3 easy steps on how we help as your online finance team & CFO

Here is how Zivo helps take the load of bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and tax, off your shoulders, while providing unparallelled CFO insights, so you can focus on your mission.

Understanding your Organization

We gather information about the organization, such as the current state, long-term objectives, and priorities.

Setting up the appropriate systems

We set up the required structure, systems, software, so we can fully function as your online finance team.

Performing as your online finance team

We seamlessly function as your online finance team & CFO, so you can focus on your mission-critical and strategic work.

Outsource bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, compliance, taxes, audit preparation, and financial reporting in order to cast aside decision-making fatigue, financial fogginess, overload of staff, operational inefficiencies, and uncertainties altogether.

Zivo, The right fit for Your Nonprofit or Charity

No matter if your organization is based in Canada, U.S, or anywhere else on the globe, and no matter how big or small your organization is – the online team of highly educated and experienced Bookkeepers, Accountants, CPAs, CFOs is happy to tackle whatever challenges you and your internal team are facing.


But the far most reaching input of Zivo as your nonprofit CFO & online finance team...

Is the power of catalyzing organizational effectiveness and strategic decision-making. 

From streamlining office operating costs to identifying more opportunities, your Zivo virtual CFO interprets the numbers, uncovers opportunities, and assists you during decision-making. Your Zivo virtual CFO brings you the clarity you need to make the most of your time, money, and resources.

Most opportunities hide beneath the numbers. They rest inside financial reports, forms, books, and what-not. Having said that, would it not be great to understand and capitalize on the information that your organization's past and current activity communicates? 

7 Steps to Mastering Nonprofit Accounting

Download our free PDF to start getting a better handle on your nonprofit accounting and understanding the insights hidden in those numbers.

Weekly Oxygen...

Every week, we release fresh and relevant video, audio and written content to invest in you and your nonprofit. We call this "Weekly Oxygen". This content is designed to be a breather for you in the midst of the week. They are easy to consume pieces of content articulated around the financial management of nonprofits and charities. It never hurts to breath some fresh air!

An online finance team & CFO....A shift towards cost effectiveness and working with ease...Daily!

Between planning budgets, managing existing resources, and securing funding, when can a nonprofit executive find the clarity to make the right financial decisions?

And, as you strive to meet the reporting requirements of the funders and the Board, manage cash flow, and provide financial transparency, how can you take a step back and think strategically?


Our Favourite Tools Include...

We have experience working with and integrating thousands of different Cloud accounting apps & services. At Zivo, all software costs are included!

We take care of your numbers, so you can focus on your core mission.