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Frequent Questions

About Us

We’re a registered CPA firm, but we operate as the finance team for businesses. We exceed clients’ expectations through thoughtful and innovative services that go beyond the traditional offerings of a typical accounting or CPA firms.

At Zivo, our mission is simple: to make your accounting and bookkeeping experience easy, pain-free, and affordable so you can do what you do best — run your business!  

We work with you every step of the way, providing you the tools, expert advice, and innovative thinking required to maximize your business.

Yes! We’re headquartered in Ottawa, the national capital of Canada. However, as a virtual CPA firm we serve clients from across Canada and around the world, using technology to make the process efficient and easy for our clients.

We offer bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, accounts payable, financial reporting, tax return and CFO services.

Our packages can be customized to fit the needs of your company or organization.

We’re technically a registered CPA firm, but our services are a little bit different than your typical firm.

We focus on assisting companies with the operational and reporting side of accounting on a day to day basis rather than on an annual basis. In addition, we act as an extension of our clients’ management team, making sure that all aspects of their accounting cycle and reporting are taken care of so they can focus on what’s most important for their business.

We’re an online accounting firm, so we communicate with clients via email, phone, Teams, and video conference.

Yes – our goal is to become an extension of your team. Accordingly, you will be assigned a dedicated, experienced bookkeeper or accountant that builds a direct relationship with you and will ensure that all your issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

We usually work with all types of businesses and industries. However, we’re unable to work with any company that uses desktop accounting software or that requires someone to work in-house.

We would be happy to assist you with all of your bookkeeping and accounting needs if you are willing to move your full accounting process online and into the cloud (if you have not done so already).


We first schedule a discovering call in which we get to know you, your business needs, pain points, and goals.

Then we work through a plan to address every issue you brought up during the discovering call and present this to you on our follow-up call.

The last step consists of going over a few ways of working together along with prices and a clear scope for each option.

We send the same day acknowledgement with either an answer or a timeline of when we’ll be able to get back to you (in case we need more time to gather the information you need).

No, our goal is to act as an extension of your team, which means regular meetings and updates. Additionally, you will still have control of your books and accounting, including the power to authorize and review your files.

Please feel free to contact us here and we will be happy to assist you!

Our Pricing & Plans

Pricing depends on a number of factors including complexity, the size of your business and the services you’ll need. Therefore, we can only establish the price once we know more about your business and what your goals are.

Please feel free to click here to book your free discovery call. This will allow us to define your needs and provide specific accounting packages and prices that is right for you.

Meanwhile, you can click here to see our three main accounting packages, which will give you a better idea of where you might fit before our meeting.

Here at Zivo, we were built on the idea of providing better, more affordable options for business like yours. We don’t believe in charging our clients by the hour, instead, our clients benefit from a flat fixed fee.

This approach helps you forecast cash flow, as you know exactly what you are going to be paying. There are no surprises, which allows you to manage your finances much more effectively.

We usually make our service agreements for a full 12 months or to the Company’s next fiscal year-end date, depending on the situation.

Once we agree to a price, and the proposal is sent and accepted, the agreed upon amount is then withdrawn from your bank account each month on the same day. Alternatively, we also accept e-transfer, direct deposit or credit card.

Yes. And we make sure it’s easy to get your financials should you ever decide to leave.


We’re able to assist and review the work of your in-house bookkeeper/accountant.

We can assist in reconciling at month end, and ensure you’re in compliance with all your statutory requirements, financial reporting requirements, etc. We can also review and restructure your accounts, provide long term planning, budgeting expertise, and provide regular monthly reports.

Not at all! This stage is a crucial time for getting your accounting and reporting in place so that you have something to show investors, lenders or donors.

‍We’ll help you establish clean, well-organized books and records and highlight your financial position and commitment to potential investors, lenders or donors. We recommend starting with our “CFO Lite” plans, which includes everything you need to get started.

Yes! No matter how messy or far behind you are, we can get you caught up.

We’ll evaluate your books to get a sense of the work needed, and we’ll help you sort out your finances and keep your books in order on an ongoing basis through an organized and seamless process.

Depending on your current accounting methods, the onboarding process take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks. The time frame is largely dependent on how quickly you provide necessary documentation.

Please feel free to schedule your free introduction call here with our CFO, Josiane Gomez if you’re ready to start.

No. We do not have any lock in contracts.

Our contracts are quite simple. We create a proposal that outlines everything we mutually decide upon. You can cancel your service with us at any time by giving us 30 days’ notice.

Yes, we will handle all your year-end tax filings and planning, including all other compliance work such as sales tax (GST/HST and PST), payroll source deductions, WSIB, and employer health tax returns.

We offer a partner program designed specifically for Accountants and CPA firms that want to focus on their core business, gain a competitive advantage and serve more clients.

For more information on the program, please feel free to schedule your free introduction call here with our CFO, Josiane Gomez.

It’s very easy! We take care of the transition when you join us. We’ll get in touch with your previous bookkeeping/accounting service provider and make sure all the information is transferred over so we can kick things off.


Yes. You’ll have safe and secure access to your files anytime from anywhere.

Plooto, Fathom, Dext, HubDoc, Xero, QuickBooks, WagePoint, Push Operations, ApprovalMax, TSheets, Float, and many more!

Through secure email, Dext or Hubdoc.

If you decide to leave (which we hope you won’t), we’ll transfer ownership of your accounting file to you or your new accounting firm.

Yes. We value your personal information; thus, use a leading document management system to exchange documents and perform our work.

We also take the necessary precautions to limit access to your valuable data and information by unauthorized users.

Yes we can! We pride ourselves in implementing efficient process with cloud-based apps to make the bookkeeping system simple and efficient for our clients.

Simply contact us here to let us know about your specific needs and we’ll be more than happy to help you convert your business to the cloud!

Identifying high-value opportunities at every turn to achieve more.

Becoming a Zivo customer means you will have access to the support your nonprofit organization needs to make better decisions and be more effective. We see more than numbers and go beyond simple cloud accounting.

Our Favourite Tools Include...

We have experience working with and integrating thousands of different Cloud accounting apps & services. At Zivo, all software costs are included!