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No matter if your organization is based in Canada, U.S, or anywhere else on the globe, and no matter how big or small your organization is – the online team of highly educated and experienced Bookkeepers, Accountants, CPAs, CFOs is happy to tackle whatever challenges you and your internal team are facing.


Josiane Gomez, CPA, MBA

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Hi, I’m Josiane.

From field experience, I’ve seen firsthand how challenging and time-consuming it can be for CEOs and Executives like you to manage the finances of your nonprofit or charity organization.

I get how these multi-facetted responsibilities can easily pull you away from the actual mission-critical work of your organization.

You should not have to be in that situation, and that’s why I started Zivo.

As a CPA with an MBA degree and experience as a CFO at organizations of varying sizes, I have helped both NPOs and for-profits grow and blossom financially.

My experience includes several years of working with KPMG (one of the Big Four accounting firms in the world), a national CPA firm, and various senior leadership positions in the private and nonprofit sectors.

Together with my team, we lighten your load through the tools, support, and real-time financial insight you need to make the right strategic decisions and advance your mission.

It starts with having conversation with us, so we can determine the next steps together.

So, book your free consultation today, so you can take the daily financial management load off your shoulders, and focus on your mission-critical work.

In the meantime, get our free article called 7 Steps To Mastering Nonprofit Accounting.

We look forward to working together towards your goals!


Josiane Gomez, CPA, MBA
Your CFO

PS: Did I say that I am bilingual and that we would love to be your online finance team? Well, now I did.

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Diane M. Sarmiento CPA

Accounting Manager

Hazel Jean K. Gamboa

Accounting Manager

Jonalynne P. Mercado

Accounting Manager

Kimberlie Ein Serrano

Senior Accountant

Plinky C. Bartolo, CPA

Accounting Manager

Abigail Masarate, CPA

Senior Accountant

Janine C. Galang, CPA

Senior Accountant

Camille B. Guevarra

Senior Accountant

Identifying high-value opportunities at every turn to achieve more.

Having Zivo as your online finance team means you will have access to the support your nonprofit organization needs to make better decisions and be more effective. We see more than numbers and go beyond simple cloud accounting.

Our Favourite Tools Include...

We have experience working with and integrating thousands of different Cloud accounting apps & services. At Zivo, all software costs are included!